This is Nikita Nazarenko

and I'm a Web Developer|


Daniel Seong

Full-Stack Software Engineer. Trilingual in English, Ukraine, Russian. Sportsaholic.

✅ 6 years experience in the IT world with a focus on web and mobile applications including API integration and Payment Gateway, CRM, and CMS management by a clear and high-quality code.
✅ Full Stack Developer dedicated to grow your business range according to your the requirement and quickly respond to the changing needs to the business.

As a senior and Extensive developer, I am fluent in the following main skills with these environments, processors, and service providers, etc.

- Backend: Laravel, Lumen, CI, Node, Ruby, Django, PHP5...
- Frontend: React, Redux, Redux-Saga, Vue, Vudex, HTML5, CSS3/SCSS/SASS, Bootstrap, Material UI, javascript, UI, XD...
-DB: NoSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, MongoDB atlas, Firebase, Firebase Firestone, Real-time DB...
-CMS and CRM: Webflow, Squarespace, WP, Wix, Weebly, Zoho, Hubspot...
-API Integration: Google, Facebook, Twilio, Podio, MailChimp, Airhob, Airbnb, Nexmo, Booking, Shipping, telegram, Instagram, Airtable, Square, eBay, Amazon, and so on
-Other: AWS Lamda, EC2, S3, Cognito, awsMobile, AppSync, Push Notification, Cloud function, SSO, JWT, OAuth.

-The Best Services
Full Time and Free Testing Service for your 100% satisfaction
Fast response like a rocket
The flexible working time following your timezone
Deliver the perfect and high-quality product.

If you are interested in me, please feel free to contact me.
Your success means my success and my goal is to implement your fantastic idea in this world.
Than you for reading my overview.
Best regards sincerely.


  • HTML5

  • CSS3

  • JavaScript

  • jQuery

  • ReactJS

  • Bootstrap

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • NodeJS

  • MySQL

  • PHP

  • Git

  • Github


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